Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's not Lamarr Houston's fault for blowing out his knee, here's why...

Lamarr Houston jumped, landed, and blew out his knee (insert any emoticon here).  Season over!  Several NFLers have had season ending non contact injuries this year, refer to anything RGIII, and the chance of them happening most certainly could've been lessened. Here's how...

Like many NFL Players, Lamarr included explosive exercises and plyometrics during his offseason workouts.  If these types of exercises don't directly cause an injury while doing them, they'll sure as hell set you up to indirectly cause one on the field.  Just Google any NFL player and "plyometric" and you will inevitably find his injury report as well.  Plyometrics and explosive exercises don't make you run faster, build bigger muscles, or make you stronger...they do the very thing you want to avoid at all costs...cause injuries.

It took me 25 years of working out (15 of them doing it wrong), the highest credentials you can get (most of them worthless), to research on my own the most productive way to workout.  Lamarr was just following the fad training protocols that many strength coaches promote today.  You can't expect an NFLer to know everything there is to know about working out right?  You can't blame Lamarr, anytime a player gets hurt I feel bad but it's not his fault, it's an fitness industry issue. 

What does really work to increase athletic performance?

  • Build strength by doing the most productive exercises as hard as you can in all the major muscle groups and next time you workout do them harder.
  • Use the most technologically advanced equipment available.
  • Use perfect form with no momentum by moving the weights in a slow controlled way and even slower on the negative.
  • Make progressions in weight and reps every workout.
  • Then go to the field and practice position specific skill training and hone your craft.
  • Genetics will do the rest and you can't change that. see article "Butkus never did power cleans"
Will there be a place in the NFL for logical, safe, productive strength training that increases performance and prevents injuries? I hope so for the players sake, too many injuries out there!

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