Sunday, September 28, 2014

Article Analysis: Tony Romo's Rehabilitation | Bleacher Report

The RGIII rehab debacle was concerning enough...Romo's rehab brings it to another level because the exercises he did to return from his surgically repaired back didn't adhere to basic physiology and valid testing procedures.  Now he did return to play which is great but it's no wonder he's already hurting 3 games into the season.  

There are very specific requirements that need to be satisfied in order to validly test and build the strength in the erector spinae.  If they aren't satisfied, you aren't going to strengthening them the best way.  

One of the major requirements is you must have total isolation.  The femur and pelvis must be kept from moving.  If they move, your hip muscles are doing the work and there's no way to tell how much of the erector spinae are working. I know I'll hear it from all the functional - core training - cross fit freaks but this irrefutable fact still remains. Another concern is Romo most likely didn't validly test his back muscles in the first place to see how strong or weak they were.  If you don't conduct a valid test there's no way to tell how much of an improvement you did or didn't make. 

I laughed and cried while reading this article..What I'm seeing at the NFL level is they are following generational fads in rehab and strength training. Obviously there can be an indirect effect with the exercises he did but it's not the best way.

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