Sunday, July 7, 2013

You're Doing it Wrong: Arm training

Who wants strong, toned, and defined arms? Everyone! Could you be choosing better exercises? Most likely. Are you doing it wrong? Probably. To be clear, whether its barbell curls, dumbell tricep extensions, or machine curls...everything works! 

What I want to focus on is the things that I have seen over the years that people are doing wrong.  Then you can make the choice on which exercises you'll use but at least you'll know what they do and don't do.

Features of what you're doing wrong:
  1. While doing bicep curls or tricep extensions  your elbows are moving either forward, backward, or away from your sides.
  2. Shoulders are rounded forward.
  3. Using your lower back to lean backward to help lift the weight.
Benefits of doing it right:
  1. Keeping your elbows in the center line of your body and tight to your sides works the bicep muscle much harder which gives you faster results. 
  2. When your shoulders are back and posture is good, everything is aligned and you have less injuries.
  3. Not leaning back or forward takes the pressure off your lower back which is a big source of lower back pain and injuries.
Again everything works, doing it wrong works and you have a given result...doing it right works and you have a different result.  Bottom line...when you do an exercise the right way, you'll get better results much faster and with less chance of injuries.  

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