Saturday, June 29, 2013

You're doing it wrong: Back Training

Its important to realize that the back muscles are the second-largest muscle group in the body. Training it hard is beneficial not only for your overall health but it also burns a lot of calories if you're looking to lose weight. Weather it be pulldowns, pullovers, or all works! Could you be focusing on exercises like pull ups that are harder and work better? Probably. Are you doing the back exercises with the right form? Not from what I've seen.

Features of doing back exercises wrong:

  1. Gripping the handles palms down.
  2. Using a wide grip exercises such as pulldowns and pull ups.
Benefits of putting your hands in the right position during back exercises:

  1. Palms up allows your bicep to be in the strongest position with more potential to work your back muscles harder. 
  2. Using a palms up close grip or parallel grip also allows you to have a greater range of motion, gain more flexibility, and more muscle stimulation.
You want to have your bicep muscles as strong as possible. As even when they are are in the strongest position, they still will never be able to keep up with the strength of the back muscles. With these tips, you can still do the back exercises with your palms facing away with a wide grip.  Now you'll just know what that does and what it doesn't do. 

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