Monday, June 3, 2013

Boomer Training: Attitude, Intensity, and Focus

You may have seen a recent TV ad for a nutritional product that says "after the age of 40, you may lose 8% of muscle every 10 years." It comes to roughly .25lbs of muscle loss per year or more.  This muscle loss is the focus of Boomer Training.  There are certain types of exercises more so than others that you can do to build muscle faster and prevent you from losing it in the first place.  Muscle drives your metabolism, it allow you to do the activities you want, keeps your posture good, prevents falls or accidents and improves how your joints feel to name a few.

What I see people doing wrong is not focusing their fitness program to build as much muscle and strength as possible.   Don't're NOT going to get too much muscle!  Again every fitness program and modality works but there are certain things in the gym that don't build muscle in the most productive way.  They are cardio, functional training, core training, classes, yoga, spinning, and anything that isn't weight training.  All of these are great and they work, just not at building muscle and strength the weight training does. 

Those that are doing a weight training program for the most don't get the results they want because something is wrong with their system.  Features of doing your weight training wrong are:
  • No progression in any way 
  • Program schedule is lifting weights too often
  • Exercise selection isn't focused on the right exercises that give you the most results and bang for your buck.
Benefits of a weight training program when doing it right:
  • Making improvements in weight/reps or both every workout
  • Choosing a schedule such as Monday-Wednesday-Friday weight training to allow for adequate recovery between workouts
  • Choosing exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, back rows, pull ups, bar dips, and shoulder presses.
These aren't all of the aspects of a proper program but its a start, if you want to see some additional tips to follow see 10 best workout rules.

One of the most impactful things people can do towards their results is a change in ATTITUDE.  What I mean by attitude is that you have to try harder than you did in the previous workout. For some people that may mean that you are gonna go all out to complete failure on every exercise. For others it may not be that your veins are popping out of your neck, face turning purple every time you work out, but it may mean you just want to try and do better than you did in the previous work out.  Attitude, intensity, 
and focusing on the right type of training would put you leaps and bounds over 90% of the people working out and put you on the path to making meaningful results with your health.


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