Monday, May 27, 2013

Boomer Training: Form and Technique

All types of fitness programs work and all styles of form work at doing something, they can cause injuries as well as prevent them. Why is Boomer training different than any other training? As a boomer,  you may have an injury right now or have been dealing with a nagging ache or pain for years. Your joints aren't as stable, heck you may have 1 or 2 artificial ones!  Recuperation isn't as fast and flexibility not as it was, the last thing you want is to get hurt while working out.  Simply put, a boomers body just works differently than others and that has to be factored in to using the right form.  
Features of doing the wrong form:

  • Moving the weight too fast during training.
  • Cheating during the exercises. 
  • Not doing a full range of motion.  For example, while doing a bicep curl not going from your arms completely straight to a full curl then back.  
Benefits of the right form:

  • Move the weight smoothly and controlled from the start of the exercise to the end.
  • Take 1 second to lift the weight, 2 seconds to hold it in the contracted positon, and 4 seconds to lower the weight.
  • Doing a full range of motion greatly increases your flexibility.

Some workouts these days even promote "explosive power" moves. Violent jerking, stopping, and starting weights is extremely stressful for your joints and will only cause injuries and/or pain. Moving more fluid and controlling the weight not only improves your results but prevents injuries as well. The right form in your workout gives the maximum benefits the minimal injury and pain with the maximum improvement in your daily life.

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