Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Boomer Field Guide to Fitness: Why do Boomers need to workout differently?

76 million Americans are in the Baby Boomer category with Dick Butkus and my own parents being right smack in the middle.  Their health and wellness is one of the single most important issues moving forward that we are going to face as a nation.  Weight training is the single best activity Baby Boomers can do to improve health, we know this already but as a Boomer, there are special considerations because your body just doesn't work the same way as it did.  Age, injuries, surgeries, aches and pains, joint replacement(s), posture issues, muscle loss, and functional capacity have to be considered in your workout program. The last thing you want is starting a workout plan when you are 60 yrs old and find out when your 70 yrs old that you could have been working out much more effectively, you can never get those 10 years back.

In fitness, every type of training works and everyone's body is different.  Modern and what I call the "infomercial workouts" that you see on Saturday morning don't apply to Boomers because they offer unrealistic results and outright dangerous exercises for the joints.  Some programs tout a 10 minute fitness routine, which can be done because everything works, but it takes some of us 10 minutes just to get the body moving and warmed up let alone get a whole workout done!

Some of you, my Dad being one of them, have never worked out a day in your life.  Some of you may have started and stopped a program countless times over the years and know that you need to do something now.  You may be a consistent trainee that has achieved great results but you want to dedicate your time doing something other than working out everyday. Good news is that I am going outline a training that works the fastest, safest, and most effective way to build strength to improve your life. I'll give you specific tools you need to workout at any gym or fitness facility and your home.  In the next series of entries I'm going to out line the Baby Boomer workout plan from exact exercises, sets and reps, to recover and workout programs to avoid. Stay tuned!

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