Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Break In workout to reduce muscle soreness

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The dreaded muscle soreness when you start working out or after a layoff from training is something we all want to avoid.  If you haven't experienced the crippling muscle soreness, you haven't lived!  Did you ever notice that you're even more sore the 2nd day after a workout?  The break-in period is designed to eliminate that muscle soreness.  How it works is that you perform the same program for 5 days in a row and your soreness gets less and less each day.  Then when you really start to push it in the successive weeks you won't be sore even after giving your all during a workout.

The break-in period workout is 1 set of 10 reps of the exercises below for 5 days in a row for the first week.  For the second week do 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise but workout on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Pick a weight that will allow you to perform the 10 reps with medium effort.  Even though you may be able to do more weight or reps, save that enthusiasm for honing your skills at lifting and starting your nutrition program.

Here's the exercises:
  1.  Barbell Squats
  2. Standing One Legged Calf Raise
  3. Standing Overhead Shoulder Press
  4. Pull Ups
  5. Parallel Dips
  6. Bicep Curls
  7. Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
  8. Wrist Curls
After completing the 2 week break in period, you should be able to workout harder than ever and you'll rarely get sore!

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