Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kettlebell workouts: Are they effective?

Although kettlebells have been around forever, it's only been the past few years where they've really become the latest fad in the fitness world. I've never thought throwing weight around quickly is the smartest thing in the world and with most kettlebell programs that's exactly what is done. Most kettlebell exercises are done fast and create force and unnecessary pressure on joints.
Kettlebells have around

My opinion is that kettlebell exercises if done smoothly could possibly be used for a warm up or conditioning.  Even in that respect, there are much better alternatives.  Kettlebell exercises serve little purpose as it relates to strength and muscle gain.  While designing a workout program, use the highest form of technology available.  Kettlebells are a "horse and buggy" era technology.

Here's an article that finally examines the kettlebell workout fad: