Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Best Back Routine Ever Butkus Style

This back sequence uses the pre-fatigue technique which is going to fatigue the bigger muscles of the back with minimal work from your biceps.   99% of all back exercises involve the biceps. When you do a pull up, row, pulldowns etc. you'll never get even close to working the large back muscles as hard as they can because the bicep will always give out first because it's a much smaller/weaker muscle. Here are the exercises, follow in this exact sequence:

1.  Nautilus Pullovers 1x20
2.  Reverse Close-Grip Pulldowns 1x10
3.  Barbell Bent Over Rows 1x15

Basically you want to perform the Pullovers until failure and then immediately go to the reverse grip pulldowns to failure and then immediately go to Bent Over Barbell Rows to failure. As always, shoot for the required reps but never stop just because you got there.  Keep going until you can't move the bar no matter how hard you're trying. Do each reps very slow, smooth, and controlled taking approximately 3 seconds to lift the weight, pause in the contracted position, and then 3 seconds to lower the weight. If you don't feel extreme muscle pump and pain, you didn't even come close to doing this sequence right. Work this back sequence into your workout program for a few weeks and you'll see dramatic results!

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