Monday, February 13, 2012

Extra Strength: The Most Important Hire A College Football Head Coach Can Make

I agree with the article, an athletes strength coach is probably one of the most influential people their life. "They'res father figures, counselors, motivators, educators and trainers" states the article. It's been my experience that clients and athletes alike become very close with their personal trainers and strength coaches.  Often opening up to them about personal issues during the course of a workout.  I had a colleague at one time that was getting his psychology degree so he could practice psychology while training people!
Be sure to familiarize yourself with your son or daughters strength coach at all levels.  My experience has been that it's a crap shoot with the quality of training.  I have had parents come to me because they weren't comfortable with the training program their son was doing at school.  In one instance, their sone was a high school water polo player and the coaches had the team doing power cleans.  Not only is it a high impact exercise but it has nothing to do with water polo or any other sport.  Another local football team was required to carry cement blocks around the field as part of their training!

I would predict many of today's training gimmicks like cement blocks, power cleans, parachutes etc. will make way for safe proven strength training methods such as low force high intensity full range strength training.  This is by far the best way to build muscle fast and safely to improve athletic performance.