Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't waste your TIME!

With so many things going on in our lives these days, there's one commodity that nobody can afford to waste...TIME.  If you just focused your workouts on exercises that gave you the best results, you'll save yourself years of little or no results in building muscle or losing fat.

If you restricted your exercise selection to squats, leg press, standing press-behind-neck, standing military press, regular grip chins, barbell rowing, bench press, parallel bar dips, still-legged deadlifts, deadlifts, standing barbell curls, dumbell curls, standing tricep extensions, standing one-legged calf raises you have fifteen exercises to pick from.  Now add the option of two sets - lighten the second set, increase the second set or use the same resistance for the second set you now have thirty variables, now change your exercise selection once a week and you have even more variety.

To start, do 2 sets of eight of the above exercises 3x's per week.  Shoot for 10 reps for the upper body and 20 reps for the lower body exercises.  As always never stop just because you performed the desired reps, keep going until you can't move the weight at all.

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