Monday, October 10, 2011

I PLAY CLEAN...Making a Difference

Butkus and I Play Clean!
Hi!  My name is Jennifer London and I am a certified athletic trainer at a high school in Tennessee.  The last high school that I worked at (in Michigan) had received some educational materials (posters and informational sheets) about the I Play Clean campaign.  I found these materials extremely effective with the student athletes and many of them stopped using the supplements that they were taking.  I only had one using steroids but he eventually stopped also.  I was wondering if I could get another set of those materials for the school that I am currently working at.  I think these student athletes are extremely easily influenced due to their age but also the socioeconomic status of the area that they live in.  I think it would be beneficial and maybe I could get the whole football or basketball team to take the pledge.  That is the goal.  Anyways, any help you could offer would be great.  Thanks. 

Jennifer L. MS, ATC
Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic
Karns High School Athletic Trainer

I PLAY CLEAN encourages teens to "Eat Right, Train Hard, and Play With Attitude" instead of resorting to illegal steroids.  Please go to for more information.


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