Friday, September 16, 2011

Workout like a MADMAN!

Butkus doing 410lb Shrugs
Do you want the fastest muscle growth in the shortest amount of time?  Don't you want to actually see a change in your body?  Do you want to see more results in a month than you did in past year?  Maximum muscle growth requires the maximum intensity.  You should welcome and strive for extreme pain and burning muscles during the workout.  Your face should turn multiple shades of red and purple, you should look downright frightening to the people around you because that's what it takes to make muscle growth happen.  If it was easy then everyone would be in shape!

How to tell if you're not working out hard enough:
  1. You can talk during and between sets.
  2. You're watching TV while working out.
  3. You can see or hear.
  4. The pain isn't making you very angry.
  5. You like an exercise.
This is not only my belief but it's fact.  Workout extremely hard, for a short amount of time, and not that often.  The pain will be worth it because you'll see the results faster than ever before.

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