Thursday, July 21, 2011

Train With Attitude

Train With Attitude has one simple focus, workout with 100% intensity and effort.  It's the attitude of good old American hard work, discipline, and a burning desire to be the best you possibly can.  If it were easy to build muscle, everyone would be walking around with the perfect physique. 

What does 100% effort and intensity mean?  It means that when you’re doing an exercise, you keep going it until you can no longer move the weight despite giving your all out effort.  After the set you should need time to gain your bearing, you're not watching TV between sets talking with your friends about picnics and butterflies.  There's an old saying, "if you like an exercise, chances are you're doing it wrong."

When working out this way, you shouldn’t WANT to workout more than 3x's in a week or do more than 2 sets of an exercise.  If you feel like you should or could do more exercise, you were not giving all-out effort. The low number of sets is a necessity and requirement for results.  When done properly, you simply cannot STAND any more exercise.  

 Putting all-out effort towards your goal is an absolute requirement for success not only in the gym but in the real world as well.  In the next series of blogs I'm going to outline what the best exercises are for building muscle and how to do them properly.


  1. My Motto: "Bring it All to the Gym, Leave it All on the Floor"


    p.s. Bear Down!

    1. That is what you have to do every workout! Don't save it for the next set or workout, take each set as it comes and give it your all. This is by far the best way to workout, you'll see more results in a month than most do in a year just by putting more effort into it. Thanks for the comment!