Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are there exercises that transfer to particular sports?

Strength is general, and contributes to any activity… but the applied demonstration of strength is specific. Learning to apply your strength properly in any activity requires skill training… not strength training, but skill training can come from only one possible source, the practice of the sport itself.”

Arthur Jones, Founder and Inventor of Nautilus/Medx Sports Industries

One of my main goals with is to dispel many of the myths about athletic training and conditioning.  These days you hear quite a bit about athletes of all levels doing  "sports performance training".
Between practice, school, extra curricular activities, time is very limited so it's more important than ever to have a proper strength training and conditioning program.  There is one concept that must be understood clearly so that time isn't wasted, there aren’t any exercises in the gym that transfer skill to any sport.  The only possible way to specifically train for football is to play football.  The only sports specific training a tennis player can do is to play tennis, etc.  The player has to use the same tools and techniques on the field in order for the body to respond accordingly.

The current state of sports performance training is quite troubling.  I recently saw an athlete profiled to prepare to enter the NFL combine.  It was downright frightening what the “coaches” had the athlete doing.  He was working out daily with little rest between workouts.  They had him flipping truck tires, doing circus moves, they even had the athlete push an SUV down the road!  Now if you want to be good at those activities by all means continue doing them but in terms of sports performance, please STOP!

The fastest way to improve your sports performance is to develop strength by doing a proper strength training program outlined at  Then go to the practice field and develop your technique and skill as it relates to your particular sport and position.  This combination is by far the most productive way to make your players better.  

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