Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MUSCLE: The older we get, the more we lose!

After 40, we lose 8lbs of muscle every 10 yrs which means the body is burning about 500 calories LESS per day.  That muscle loss slows our metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight.  The solution?  START BUILDING MUSCLE! 

One of the best ways to build muscle is by lifting weights.  "I don't want to build too much muscle.." is a common concern I get from both men and women.  That makes about as much sense as saying, "I don't want to make too much money".  Building muscle is the engine behind your metabolism.  The bigger the engine the more fuel it burns.  The more muscle that's built, the more calories you burn and the more fat you lose.

Now the body only takes note to change if there's a reason to change.  In other words, you have to push it each workout!  A person can workout for years without any results if they just go through the motions.  But the harder you work the faster and dramatic the change.  That logic applies to a lot of things in life doesn't it?

Here are some guidlines:
  • Choose one exercise per body part, never more than 8 exercises in a workout.
  • Do 2 sets per exercise and never more than 3 sets.
  • Use a guideline 10 repetitions for the upper body and 20 reps for the lower body but never stop if you reach those guidelines.  If you stop at 10 reps and you could've done 13, your body doesn't take note.
  • Always weight train 3 non-consecutive days per week, for example Mon-Weds-Fri or Tues-Thurs-Sat.
  • Keep a training log, try to increase your weights or reps each workout.

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