Monday, July 18, 2011

The best workout schedule

What is the best workout schedule?

When people ask me to advise them on their workouts, the first question I ask is "How many days per week do you workout?"  Usually the answer is 5 or 6 days a week.  My next question to them is always, "When do allow your body to recuperate and recover?"  This when the aha moment happens because most people never think about recuperation and growth.  If you workout properly your system needs time to recover and grow.  The best workout schedule is 3 days a week and never 2 days in a row.  Each workout is done in a total body fashion, working out every major muscle group.  Research has shown that the system needs a minimum of 48hrs to recover and grow.  Let's say you workout on Monday, the next workout would be on Wednesday and then Friday.  This is the best workout schedule.

How do you know if you are getting enough recovery? 

You will know by your strength gains.  Every workout there should be a progression in weight and/or reps in each exercise.  For example if you do 10 pull ups on Monday, 12 on Wednesday, and 13 on Friday you have allowed for not only recovery but growth as well.

What if I workout one body part per day? One body part is recuperating while I work a different part the next day.

First, your body doesn't not work separately like that.  Do you eat just for your chest one day and your back the next?  When you sleep do you do so just for your legs or arms?  Secondly, we are not only talking about muscle recuperation but also the overall system,  Body and Mind.  Have you ever had that burnt out feeling?  That's because the overall system is overloaded and needs recuperation.  This is called over-training.  If you feel over trained it's advisable that you take anywhere between 10-14 days off completely from working out.  In fact, I highly recommend taking at least 10 days off from working out every 6 months or so.  Do not plan it, just take the time off when you feel like you've hit a rut.  It will work wonders for your workouts, you'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Why is a 3x's per week Total Body program the best workout?

When you workout on this schedule, you're able to push yourself very hard.  There is no holding back.  You cannot possibly workout everyday and push it as hard as needed to get good results.  It's just not possible.  Also when you workout total body each time you burn a lot of calories.  If you're looking to lose bodyfat and gain muscle there is no better workout schedule.

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  1. I would take it a step further based upon my 30 years in the strength game...1 day on 2 days off,3 off as you get older.Recuperation is what makes you stronger.Heck you can make real progress 2 days a week if you train with intensity and challenge yourself.Few people truly train with intensity,its just too uncomfortable.Don't train hurt ,train smart.