Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you prevent delayed muscle soreness?

Everyone's experienced delayed muscle soreness when they start a strength training program especially if you've never worked out before or coming back from a lay off.  A simple way to prevent muscle pain and relieve muscle soreness is by "Break In" training.  Normally there would be muscle pain the next day after a workout.  Have you ever noticed how there is even more muscle pain the 2nd day after starting a program?  That's called delayed onset muscle soreness and it can be limited or prevented entirely.  This is how it works, for the first week of training you perform the same workout 5 days in a row.  Here's a sample workout:

1.    Full Barbell Squats
2.    Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
3.    Standing Overhead Presses
4.    Pull Ups
5.    Parallel Dips
6.    Barbell Curls
7.    1 Leg Calf Raises
8.    Shrugs

For each exercise perform 1 set of 10 repetitions.  At this point you are not pushing your body to failure but using very strict form.  You'll want to focus on the muscles being worked by doing each rep slowly and smooth.  The next day after the first workout you'll be sore, but each day after that your muscle soreness will be less and less.  Then for the second week of training you would start on your normal 3 days per week training without being sore.

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  1. I usually do warm-ups before I start with my gym regimen and I cool down completely afterward. I also learned to gradually increase my exercise time and intensity, starting with light weights and high reps and increasing the amount I lift over several weeks.

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